There’s no doubt mankind serves the same god in different ways. But the most recognized and populous religions are Islam and Christianity, in the case of Nigeria at large.
Right from the time of immemorial, we all know people have been trading around Sahara African countries with camels. So Islam arrived in Nigeria around the 11th and 12th centuries through trade, migration, and the travels of scholars from different parts of African countries.
So individually, people have been converting to Islam before the arrival of ( Sehik Maharoof Uthman ) popularly known as Uthman dan Fodio (RTA). Uthman dan Fodio was born on the 15th of December 1754 and died on the 18th of April 1817. So if you do your plus and minus you will realize he was 63 years when he died.
Meanwhile, Yoruba came in contact with Islam around the 14th century during the reign of . Alh Abubakar Mansa Kankan Musa of the old Mali Empire. So the first Mosque was built in Ọyọ-Ile in AD 1550 during the reign of ALAAFIN EGUGUOJO. although, there were no Yoruba Muslims at all including Alaafin and every member of the supreme Oyo empire ruling house. the Mosque only served the spiritual needs of foreign Muslims from Mali, Sudan Mauritania, and so on living in the Ọyọ empire peacefully with Alaafin.
And all this happened in Oyo ile to be specific.
But in 1555 when Alaafin Orompoto ( dual gender Alaafin) ascended the throne, sister of Eguguojo and the first break of the Father-Son succession pattern since Aganju succeeded Ajaka And Drove the Nupe invaders away from Oyo in 1555 before his death.
Oronpoto reigned for 20 years between 1555 to 1575 before the other Alaafins like AJIBOYEDE, ABIPA, OBALOKUN, OLUODO, and AJAGBO. (The creator of Aare Ona Kakanfo)
ODRAWU, KARAN ( killed by his army) JAYIN, AYIBI, OSIYAGO, OJIGI ( conquered the daome invaders) GBERU, AMUNIWAYE ( killed) ONISILE, OLABISI, AWONBIOJU (30 days reigned) AGBOLUAJE, MAJEOGBE (Agboluaje’s brother) ABIODUN (defeated Basorun Gaa) AWOLE AROGANGAN (he installed afonja as aare) ADEBO ( 130days reigned) MAKUA (60days reigned) MAJOTU, AMODU, OLUEWU. oluewu raigned between 1833-1835 during Eleduwe war that ended the Oyo empire’s reign.
So there was no Alaafin after the war until 1837 when the game changer ascended the stool of Alaafin. Prince Atiba Atobatele ( son of Alaafin Abiodun who reigned between 1774 to April 1789.
Atiba Atobatele is one of the last Oyo empire princes that did not leave present-day ILORIN on time after the conflicts in oyo Ile, so, he had already learned how to read the Quran from sehik Abdul Salaam (son of Sheik Muhammad’s Soliu Janta popularly known as ( Sheu Alimi ) and that was how he was converted to Islam and an Islamic name was given to him ( Muhammad Soliu) the same name as his Sheik’s father that brought him into Islam religion.
He (atiba) leaved with the Sheik Abdul Salaam until the stool of Alaafin was vacant in 1859. When The message got to him that he is the next Alaafin of Oyo. His Sheik ( Salaam) was very happy and couldn’t wait to see his student on the throne that has never been occupied by Muslims before. Young Prince Muhammad Saliu Atiba atobatele dynastically and gorgeously dressed from Sheu Halimi’s House to present-day Oyo with white horses and entourage.
The scounty Muslims in Oyo and indigenous were so excited about having a Muslim as Alaafin as well. After the coronation, Oyo Muslim councils were formed and Alaafin was made the head being the KING. So Apart from cultural and traditional responsibilities, Alaafin has always been the head of Muslims. He (Alaafin) chooses Chief Imams that lead him in prayer in Oyo and other Islamic titles like.: Mufasiru, Mufti, and so on. That was how Alaafin Atiba became the first ALAAFIN AJAKA DESCENDANTS to convert to Islam and ever since then, all his successors emulated their father right from the reign of Alaafin Adelu. They were all Muslims.
1. Muhammadu Lawal (Alaafin Agogoija)
2. Abubakar ( siyanbola oladigbolu )
3. Muhammad Raji ( Alaafin adeniran)
4. Muhammad Bello ( Alaafin gbadegesin)
5. Abdul-hammed (late Adeyemi 3rd)
So, influence of Alaafin remains unlimited That’s why Oyomesi needs to be very cautious .
Alaafin stool has been tied to some other Islamic activities in addition to the spiritual influences right from the dispensation of the Alaafin Muhammad Saliu Atiba Atobatele who founded present-day Oyo.

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