An inspirational feminine figure makes one contemplate the qualities of a good woman. It is no wonder we aspire to be like them. We meet many such women who leave a lasting impression on our lives every day.
One could say that these women have a few exceptional traits in them, which make them stand out. These qualities transform them into role models.
One of them is the wife of the Executive Governor of Oyo State , Engineer Mrs Tamunominini Olufunke Makinde.
Aside being a wife and first lady, who is Tamunominini Makinde?
Tamunominini graduated from Thomas University, Houston , Texas, in the United States of America with a double first class honours BBA/MBA.
Mrs Tamunominini Olufunke Makinde has been married to the Executive Governor of Oyo state for over 22 years and they are blessed with three children.
Mrs Makinde is just not known as the wife of the Oyo state Governor, she is also an astute and capable Engineer, judging from her first class degree.
She is also a philanthropist, who is known to show compassion to the downtrodden especially women and children.
But how caring is she as a Mother and Wife to her handsome Husband and the children ?
An authentic person has a much stronger sense of self than a social chameleon who changes their outward behaviour to fit in with a group or to work a room.
We all adapt to different situations to some extent, but the authentic person remains essentially who they are. You can trust that when you meet them, the personality you experience will be theirs — not just one they’re trying on to make a good impression
Investigations showed that Mrs Makinde is a good wife and a mother. She is that loving and caring woman who cares enough and seeks to know more about being perfect for her husband and children.
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. She loves and fears her God, and this is her crowning glory!
She is the proverb 31 “woman strong, dignified, wise, compassionate, full of laughter about the days to come”.
Mrs Makinde opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. Not only does she cares for her family, but she cares for others.
As a good wife , she exhibits both care and compassion. She is sensitive to the family’s needs and does her best to provide a solution. She understands when her husband is frustrated and tries to make him happy.
She makes sure her family does not lack.
She is a worthy mother for her children
Another quality of the First Lady and wife is her ability to raise respectful, honest, and loving children who have good value and respect for their parents and elders.
She is supportive and knows how to support her husband. Be it a hobby, a career, or a goal, etc as long as it’s her husband’s interest.
She cheers her husband’s up through praises and appreciation when there is an achievement.
Mrs Makinde also encourages her husband even when he is not getting through with his dream. And sometimes she criticizes him to make some adjustments that will favour him.
She picks the right fight . Do you know of any married couple that doesn’t fight?
Marriage is about two different unique individuals who will have differences. The disagreements and differences can sometimes lead to fights. And those fights, if too many, can strain the relationship. That doesn’t mean you compromise every time. It means you have to pick your fights wisely.
Mrs Makinde often Ask herself, is it worth fighting for? What’s stopping me from compromising and letting my husband have his way sometimes? If it’s a trivial issue, let it go”..
She does not let her ego comes in the way of a happy, loving relationship with her beloved one.
So, as a good wife, she picks her battles and doesn’t fight about everything.
One important role of a wife in a man’s life is acting as a source of encouragement and support.
In both good and bad times, one quality of a good wife is to encourage and show her husband that she loves him.
When men experience challenging times, they don’t see their value. However, Mrs Makinde will remind her husband of the great worth he possesses.
What about the First Lady’s ability to ensure her husband attains his best potential.
She provides her husband with the commitment and support he needs. She knows her power, her position is in the family and she uses it to her husband and home advantage.
Findings showed that she spends quality time with her man despite her busy schedule, just as she understands that the quality time spent maintains the spark in the marriage.
No matter how busy her schedule is, she makes out time for her husband, even before they become the first family in the State.
Interestingly , feelers revealed that Mrs Makinde plans, surprises, and does little things that catch her husband unaware. She is so sensitive to her husband’s needs and leverages this to make romantic gestures.
Honesty is the bedrock of a successful relationship. No marriage can last long without open communication and honesty.
She is the woman her husband can trust, because she does not keep secrets from her husband.
A man can only trust his wife when she has proven to be honest countless times.
Lasting marriages are built on honesty and effective communication.
The First Lady’s spiritual life is a top-noch. She takes her spiritual life seriously because she knows it is beneficial to her husband and home. She prays for her husband and home, and she meditates regularly.
Also, she ensures her husband is doing well spiritually because it helps them bond better in faith
As a good wife and mother, Mrs Makinde doesn’t aspire to be perfect, because she knows she can’t achieve that. Instead, she is totally committed to her relationship and do all she can to make things perfect.
She also understands her husband cannot be perfect, so she does not struggle to mold him into her perfect model. Rather, she adjusts to his personality and corrects his shortcomings when he errs.
She displays qualities that help build a home and family and also help her project herself and her family.
How is Mrs Makinde’s relationship with her office staffers and the general public?
The First Lady is said to be dignified. Dignity is one of the critical qualities of a good woman.
Feelers hinted that even if a person raises their voice at her, she maintains her composure and answers calmly.
“IIt is not in her nature to create unnecessary drama. She doesn’t look down on people and speaks to everyone respectfully, irrespective of their status. Compliments don’t get into her head, and criticism doesn’t bring her down. She responds to everything in a dignified manner”.
Gossip is a poisonous habit that breeds ill will and resentment. As a quality woman, she avoids gossiping at all costs.
Hera the feelers again, ” the First Lady doesn’t speak about people behind their backs nor encourages this behaviour from anyone in her circle. Instead of bringing people down, she chooses to lift them by supporting them and giving them constructive feedback when necessary.
“She accepts imperfection and other others’ shortcomings and loves them for who they are. She doesn’t look down on them or tries to change their basic nature. Instead, she encourages them to be a better version of themselves”.
Findings further pointed out that the First Lady takes care of her well-being.
They said, “while she is busy achieving her goals and building healthy relationships, she doesn’t forget to make time for herself. Her health and well-being don’t come second to anything. She makes time for workouts, meditation, and personal care. While she cares for people in her life, she knows caring for her overall well-being is equally important”.
It will amount to stating the obvious if we say that Mrs Makinde is smart and well-read
A woman’s intellect has a huge impact on how she is perceived by others.
She is a smart woman who knows that learning never ends, and she is always curious to know new things and welcomes different opinions. She is well-read and capable of making meaningful conversations with her peers.
What about being courageous courageous. Mrs Makinde is a great woman that is strong-willed and speaks up against injustices.
She is not afraid to say no If asked to do something that goes against her values. She faces adversities in life head-on without cowering in the corner or pitying herself.
Mrs Tamunominini Olufunke Makinde is indeed an inspirational woman who displays exemplary dedication, determination, tenacity, and courage in whatever she does.
Above findings indicated that she breaks the barriers that restrict her potential and sets high goals for herself.
The First Lady in Oyo State climbs up the ladder of success while uplifting others.
She is the diva who believes in herself and motivates others to believe in themselves.
Bode Durojaiye, is the Director of Media and Publicity to the Alaafin of Oyo.
Email; duroja[email protected]
Phone; 08050419987
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