Pastor . Dr. Bayo Ojo

As at now, I am not an APC member but I am an Apostle of truth, bitter truth. I am not a tribalist but I am a Yoruba indigene with the love of all planted in my own heart as Jesus preached Love, emphasizing that it’s the greatest commandment. (Matthew 22:36-40)
“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

In contrast to the commandment of Love, Yoruba people are expert in destroying their Stars. It is a house of dissension and Intratribal destruction because of their congenital pathological hatred for their own heroes. They always tie the forelimbs of their glorious children and throw sturds on their hind limbs.

In Nigeria, right now, we have three major or leading presidential candidates in the forthcoming 2023 election. They are Atiku, Tinubu and Obi.

I often say it: if Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu wins, he will form a government of national unity with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. If Atiku wins, he will do same with Asiwaju because both of them are age long Political allies or friend. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the North, West and East will come together to enjoy unity in diversity under anyone among them. Mark my words and record it in your diary.

No noise against Atiku from his kinsmen in the North. Atiku is not 100% saint but about his shortcomings as a flesh, no northerner has ever taken him to the cleaners.

Obi’s shortcomings do not matter to the Ibos. No matter how obedient Obi is, he must have some “buts”, whereas, never would you see an Ibo man on facebook, whatsapp, twitters or any other social, print or electronic media to abuse Obi over his shortcomings.

When Ojukwu became weak at the war front and his Forces were overpowered by the Federal Army during the Civil War, his kinsmen fenced him and allowed him to escape to exile as Effiong quickly covered him up by surrendering and he handed over the East back to Nigeria. If it were Yorubas, their hero would either be slaughtered or handcuffed and handed over to the enemy. Some of our leaders were quick to blame Diya as soon as he was accused of mutiny and attempted coup d’etat by Abacha.

We all remember that the evidence used to jail *Awo* was presented by the crown witnesses of Yoruba origin. No credible voice of the Yorubas was heard to protest against Obj’s jail during Abacha regime. God saved the man. Whereas, when Kanu was arrested, many Ibo leaders of thought paid solidarity visit to him and ready to bail him out. They have been coming to court to sympathize with him and never relent or rest on their oars in their request for Justice and freedom for their son.

In spite of allegations of discrepancies in PMB’s WAEC Certificate, no noise or criticism from the Northerners against him. Late Abba Kyari even appeared in Court on his behalf to defend the matter. Atiku who lost election to Buhari have together with him settled their scores. He felt cheated but both of them have since mended fence together. Malami’s phanthom charge that Atiku is not a Nigerian is an unpopular case in the North. If it were in the Yoruba, by now, Atiku would have been banished. The motion to banish him would be moved by Yoruba, and seconded by Yoruba.

The conspiracy against Asiwaju Tinubu prior to winning of Primaries in his Party was kick started by his Yoruba beneficiaries; they suddenly turned to his enemies without just cause.

What do we have in Yoruba land now? as a writer put it: Tinubu is a rogue, all his family members are draining the money meant for the country as if he is not having any investment. Whereas, he challenged APC Government. He said that since 2015, he had not taken any contract, “begged for soup” or given political appointment from APC Federal Government. To our Yorubas,Tinubu should be destroyed at all cost.

At times we are totally blindfolded that we can not see any good thing from our Yoruba kinsman. When other tribes in Nigeria protect their own heroes or stars, we always take ours to the gallow or slaughter slab to cut their heads off with sharp sword, axe or knife. If Tinubu is destined to rule Nigeria by God, our pull him down syndrome can not stop him. We only need to learn and protect our race.

Aláàfin of Oyo and Kayode Fayemi, Executive Governor of Èkìtì state.

If we continue with ourself destruction mission, we will all see the repercussions as usual.

Yorubaland through our pettiness, rancorous attitude, hatred for one another, visionlessness and misguided attitude, atimes, we prefer a slave leader from any other part of Nigeria to our own hero.

We lack foresight and unity of purpose. Tell me how many Yoruba people are making exploits immensely outside Yoruba land within Nigeria? Other tribes will not allow you to even own a percil of land in their territories. Somebody said “We will come to reality of life when we would have lost everything because of our hatred for ourselves.”

The Bible is clear about the attitude of the Yorubas. It is written in Micah 7:6 and buttressed in Matthew 10:36 “A man’s enemies shall be the members of his own household”

Herbert Ogunde’s lyrics can be cited “Yo Yoo Yo, Yoruba Ronu!”

Think and Rethink.

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