I keep warning the Yoruba elite, but hatred of Tinubu is eating them up.

In 2017, I posted that the Yoruba will have to contend with Tinubu in 2023. My suggestion to the high command were 2 – either begin to raise someone to compete with him or go and seat down with him.

No one listened, instead I was called names and they assured me he would be demolished before then.

The ssme way the elite hated Awo and supported Ziks NCNC, it was when he was about to take over the West, that sanity returned to people like Akinloye.

The Igbo man would have been the 1st premier and ruler of the Yoruba, a conquest without a single shot fired!

Most of us think it is about democracy or good government. No, it is existential, but they can’t see it. In a badly arranged federation, it always a contest of mischief and access to power first, then whatever government.

Had Zik ruled, would we have had free education, free health and the economic development that made us the envy of the entire continent? What was Ziks achievement in the East? What was the outcome of the Igbo alliance with the North, civil war. It was Yoruba blood and brains that ensured Nigeria wasn’t dissolved.

If the Igbos are good public administrators why are they flocking to the SW – such that after filling up Lagos, Ibadan is now the 2nd fastest growing city in Africa? Why is the East not as developed as the SW? Why is it that 84% of all industrial activities in Nigeria is between Lagos and Ogun states?

If Obi were that capable, how come, it is a Buhari that is building the 2nd Niger Bridge, 52 years after the civil war? Or didn’t we have Igbo works minsters or Igbo Chair of Works in the NASS? Haven’t they, including Obi being members of the PDP for years?

Today, as in 1999, the fulani want to offer us a chance to rule and put our respected capacity to use for Nigeria, but unlike in 1999, they seem not to have chosen for us, unfortunately, we want to throw that chance away.

In the jungle the law is eat or be eaten. Same way in politics. It is only those who eat others or those who ensure they are not eaten – Singapore – that survive.

A government of Igbo and Fulani, will finish the Yoruba.

If care is not taken and with our eyes open, the way the fulani emasculated the Hausa is the way the Igbo will do to the Yoruba.

Those of us on alive now will regret our actions for the rest of our lives.

I do not hate any Igbo, I just fear their politics and like the prophet, I fear what they will do us. I fear a people who tell their children stories of victimhood weekly, whilst we are rational, careless and teach nothing to ours. These are the people our uninformed youth think are their friends?

If after 40 years of marriage, Akeredolu’s wife can employ only her Igbo relations and spend Ondo money in Imo, calling it my state of origin, you should be begin to understand the political thought of the people you are dealing with.

It is up to us. _Fun rara adiye wa lo ma a gbe oje ori e fun kolokolo je_ it is cock that will tell the fox, the 🔥fire mantle on his head is mere flesh and not fire.

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Kọlọkọlọ Ọkọta


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