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IFA, not Oyo Mesi ( kingmakers) will choose new Alaafin, says Oyo Regent

From Bode Durojaiye.

The Regent and the Basorun of Oyo, High Chief Akinade Yussuf Ayoola Layinka 1, has said contrary to mischievous write up milling round in the social media, Ifa Oracle and not members of the Oyo Traditional Council ( Oyo Mesi) will decide and choose the next Alaafin of Oyo.

High Chief Layinka made the clarification through the Director of Media and Publicity to the Alaafin of Oyo, ‘Bode Durojaiye.

A write up was recently posted in the social media which indicated that the Oyo Mesi that in Oyo, the Oyo Mesi are the kingmakers and decides who the cap of the next Alaafin fits and not through Ifa consultation

Ọ̀yọ́ chiefs

But the Oyo Regent stated that ” in a contest for the exalted traditional stool which involves more than a contestant , it would be counterproductive , naive and will be unacceptable for the Oyo Mesi members to pick a candidate through their discretion and without recourse to traditional divination”.

According to him, ” in the olden days, contestants to the vacant stool of the Alaafin were usually not more than one or two, and not as many as they are presently. So, it is easier to select and choose who the next Alaafin would be.

” In the present day situation that more than forty contestants are vying for the Alaafin seat at a time, how would a right thinking person expects us ( Oyo Mesi) to use our discretion and just pick anyone we deem fit ? After the screening, there is need for divine consultation th lead us us aright .

” The Oyo Mesi will never be self centred, egoistic, covetous, money conscious , conscience less and take any retroactive steps that will make the anxious people in the town hurling stones at us on the choice of the Paramount Ruler and Head of the Yoruba . We will never be part be part of that. Oyo town is about the due process and we will not relent on that “.

High Chief Layinka cited an instance in the choice of the Basorun of Oyo.

He explained that there were twenty five contestants for the position, out of which the number was pruned down to ten after the first screening.

” In the second screening exercise, six contestants were dropped, thus remaining four in the race. The late Alaafin of Oyo, through the screening committee enjoined the remaining four contestants to resolve amicably and pick a candidate among themselves.

Ọ̀yọ́ Chiefs

“This was an herculean task for the four of us as we could not resolve the matter . We returned back to the committee who briefed the late Alaafin on the matter.

” Without informing anybody, the late Paramount Ruler traveled to Iseyin where he met a spiritual leader known as ” Baba Sango” for consultation. After consultations were made on all us, I was chosen by Baba Sango as the rightful candidate for the post second in Command to the Alaafin, the Basorun of Oyo. That was how I became the Basorun of Oyo and Chairman, Oyo Traditional Council ( Oyo Mesi)”.

The Regent further disclosed that presently , the number of contestants for the vacant stool of the Alaafin is still counting , as it has reached forty nine .

Said he, ” the total number of contestants is yet to be submitted to the Oyo Mesi by the concerned ruling houses, let alone commence necessary procedures on the selection and choice of the new Monarch..

” It is after the the detailed list is submitted to the Oyo Mesi that all the contestants will be invited and counseled on the need for peaceful and harmonious relationships Ong contestants before, during and after the selection and installation of the new Alaafin. There must be unity and peaceful co existence among the contestants and everyone in the town and its environs . This is very important , as we ( Oyo Mesi) will not give room for rancour, ill feelings, animosity and unwarranted acrimony before , during and after the installation of our Royal Father”.

High Chief Layinka also warned against mischief making, seditious write ups, and misinformation, adding that rumours peddling are threats to peace, unity and stability of any society.

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