Bode Durojaiye

Towards check mating token representation

It is high time the intelligent and peace loving people of Oyo town and its environs take a critical look at how they are.being treated with token representation by their political office holders in the midst of enormous resources in their kitty.

Some of them do not even see the people as their constituents let alone accord them with the needed dignity.

They are arrogant, irrational in behaviour , bossy, dictatorial, egoistic, self centred, callous , greedy and inconsiderate.

They pretend to have interests and wellbeing of the people in their hearts, but on the contrary continue to catch in on the ignorance of their constituents by providing services and programmes often termed ” Empowerment”.

The unsuspecting people of Oyo Federal Constituency will gladly accept these token services or dividends from their voracious and heartless representatives , out of ignorance and even glorify them and praise singing them with pomp and pageantry.

So sad and disturbing that my people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

The people do not know that their representatives are living in an ocean of affluence and I’ll gotten wealth, while they relate with their constituents as Masters and Slaves, instead of servants of their people.

For how long shall we continue with these perpetual enslavement being meted out to us , despite the trust and confidence reposed in them ( representatives) , but which are being betrayed.

The people of Oyo Federal Constituency should wake up from their slumber now, think deeply, retrace their steps and get it right this time.

They should shine their eyes and be conscious of being blindfolded or hoodwinked by greedy, arrogant and avaricious politicians who are hell bent in perpetuating themselves into offices at all costs.

A word is enough for the wise.

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