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Oyo Politics:

How conscientious , honest, trustworthy , and cerebral are our politicians in Oyo Metropolis ? (1)

By Bode Durojaiye.

Findings have shown that dishonesty causes enough stress in the brain and body to negatively impact performance. Even when things aren’t going too well, it’s necessary for a leader to be honest with his people.

Transparency is an important aspect of building trust in those you want to lead. Be clear about your expectations so his people know what to aim for.

It’s difficult to be honest and direct when giving critical feedback. That’s no reason to avoid asking for better work — practice combining compassion with honesty to get better results.

Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics ?

One more thing about honesty:

Remarkable leaders are brutally honest with themselves. It’s the only way to grow and improve. Not surprisingly, honesty also plays an essential part in learning how to be a badass.

Challenges are not going to stop appearing, no matter how successful a leader becomes. Followers can give up and look for another leader when things get difficult. Leaders can’t.

Leaders, keep working through the tough spots. They steel their resolve and inspire their people to keep going when they get discouraged.

Do we have such leaders in Oyo politics ?

Another word for this is grit — the combination of perseverance and passion behind every great achievement.

Do we really have such leaders emerge in Oyo politics ?

What of creative thinking which lead to innovative ideas that can change the world. It’s also required to solve problems and improve operations.

In the politics, there are constant distractions and demands on leaders attention. Stress and deadlines, although sometimes unavoidable, destroy creative thinking.

That’s why it’s essential for leaders to take time out for deep work. Leaders can improve creativity in yourself and your organization by making time for it.

Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics ?

Another thing is decisiveness.
Being confident in their decisions is one of the most critical qualities of a leader, and a key habit of successful people in leadership positions. Without it, they can’t expect buy-in from their constituents.
Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics?

We’ve already covered being wrong — it’s bound to happen. You can’t always be certain of the outcome. But despite uncertainty, leaders make decisions and move forward confidently.

So, even when you’re questioning yourself, act with confidence.

Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics?

What about trustworthiness.
It’s been proven that people are most effective when there’s trust. When people feel threatened, they are afraid to make mistakes, while leaders share opinions, and act on innovative ideas.

The effects on performance are immediate — and negative. Leaders who create a sense of safety and belonging, using techniques like Conversational Intelligence, are neutral when they approach criticism and conflict.

Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics ?

Instead of using blame and humiliation, collaborate and problem-solve. Great leaders work with their team to find solutions when something goes wrong.

What makes a good leader?

Excellent communication skills.

This is a huge topic because there are many channels and contexts for communication, and different people have different communication styles. That means there are many opportunities to get it wrong — or get it right.

To simplify this complex topic, leaders are expected to focus on these principles of effective communication.

Do we really have such leaders in Oyo politics ?

To be continued …………

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