Congratulations to Habeeb Okunola, Akosin of Yorubaland, a trail blazer, quintessential personality, and an uncommon achiever whose dispositions to good of humanity knows no bounds, on the conferment of a national merit award MON)

By Bode Durojaiye.

In Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher, one of the greatest men who ever lived on planet earth did write — “Teach him if you can that 10 cents earned is of far more value than a dollar found.”

This excerpt, unequivocally, flashes a sense of striking similitude, when chronicling the life of a self-made entrepreneur cum philanthropist, Chief Habeeb Okunola.

Leaders are abundant throughout every race & culture across the globe., and whilst a leader can be anyone, ‘great leaders’ are united by a number of quintessential characteristics that helps define them as ‘great’.

Chief Habeeb Okunola, the Akosin of Yorubaland, is the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of TILT Group of Companies.

TILT Group excels in the construction, energy, engineering, agriculture, and technology sectors to create value, enhance the economy and drive shared prosperity and sustainable development in Nigeria.

TILT Group is a diversified global conglomerate of companies in various fields of expertise, combining professionals from all over the world alongside highly qualified local talents to provide tailored solutions to meet the need of Nigerians. Operating for over a decade,

TILT Group has grown to become an international solutions provider with diversified investments spanning key business sectors of the African economy.

Chief Habeeb Okunola, the Akosin of Yorubaland, is one the fastest-growing Isoko international accomplished businessmen whose inputs cut across all boundaries in Nigeria and beyond.

Of essence is the effervescence of a man who may, somewhat, have seen it all when it comes to scaling heights from zero to hero, especially having been born without a silver spoon.

Chief Habeeb Okunols has been involving in philanthropic gestures in Nigeria unknown.

Truth is that certain things about some personalities of goodwill should, of necessity, be brought to the fore, willy-nilly; else, we wreck a havoc on the society.

It was Martin Luther Jnr who said, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

Chief Okunola’s story is that of staying focused on the goal of achieving greatness. Perhaps he does believe that when there is a vision, there is provision.

One enviable thing that is not unconnected to Chief Okunola’s success story is his love for the things of God which has largely culminated into making him an epitome of humility.

The amiable husband of a virtuous and valuable woman, the Yeye Akosin of Yorubaland, Chief Mrs Okunola, may have since subscribed to an excerpt from the late Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart — “Those who have their palm kernels cracked for them by a benevolent spirit must not forgot to be humble”.

He is not a public person that showcases wealth but ready to help humanity in all ramifications.

There goes a man who has succinctly defined success in his own terms. For him, it is not enough to just dream.

Amidst a conversation, his words drop with noticeable pulsation. He is not too given to many words. He may not make that gist partner you would like, but Yeye Akosin married a good man, and she knows this too well.

The Chief Executive Officer of TILT Group , Chief Habeeb Isola Olamilekan Okunola is a leader of leaders in various industries , a friend of the poor and the downtrodden, and an ardent believer in ‘ empowerment as a proof of wealth.

Before establishing TILT Group, Habeeb held various management positions in project management, market development etc. in leading companies in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

As Chief Executive Officer of TILT Group, Chief Okunola brings with him a passion for fostering a culture of opportunity and leveraging emerging technology for promoting productivity, both of which have etched his reputation as a leader of leaders in various industry.

He is a certified businessman of international repute, whose experience in conceiving business transactions has given him access to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and leaders of international organisations.

Over the last decade, his philanthropical gestures implemented through the vehicle of his non-profit organisation (Chief Habeeb Okunola Foundation) has impacted millions of vulnerable and underserved people in Nigeria and Benin Republic, most especially in the area of Financial Inclusion, Education, Health and Prison Reforms.

This is a testimony to his favourite saying, “empowerment is proof of wealth”.

The Akosin of Yorubaland is a well-decorated professional with numerous international and local awards to his name. He has been recognised for his entrepreneurship accomplishments and philanthropic contributions towards sustainable grassroots development in Nigeria and Benin Republic.

His recent recognitions/awards include Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award for Excellence & Business Innovation (2019), Recipient of Excellence in Business, Leadership & Community Development Award .

Others were Abu Dhabi UAE (2019), Recipient of Award for Humanity & Enterprise – United Kingdom London (2019), as well as Recipient of Nelson Mandela Leadership Award of Service to Humanity by ECOWAS Youth Council (2019), amongst others.

Perhaps one of the gains of having a man like Chief Okunola in a lifetime is so easy to pointedly admonish thinkers to do, and for doers to think too. Dreamers may now also know that with resilience and diligence, no dream is impossible to become a reality.

Meet him and you can’t but admire his far-reaching thoughtfulness for entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

His milestones are characteristic of creating one’s own opportunities. Whatever that means to you!

For a man who wants to build a business empire that will serve as a legacy for the next generation, there will be days when you question your sanity for taking certain steps.

Then, you soon find yourself between the devil and the deep blue sea — a crossroad with a very complicated labyrinth for that matter.

I have had to engage a couple of entrepreneurs whose businesses were badly hit by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My interest was predicated on assessing the emotional and psychological implications of such economic blow when it hits entrepreneurs below the belt.

The one who keeps going, despite the muddy waters, is to be emulated and asked to show the rest the way. What more is left unsaid.

The road to success was not rosy for the Akosin of Yorubaland . An astute entrepreneur from a humble background, he gradually rose to success in his entrepreneurial pursuit, attributing the feat to God, hard work, an inner passion and the determination to succeed.

A Graduate of Philosophy from the University of Lagos and member of several business organisations in Nigeria and abroad, his business acumen spanned across the globe and he believes that only those with good business ethics survive any economic hardship and nothing more.

Little wonder when the Federal Government thought it expedient to confer a national merit award, among other eminent personalities, on this icon, mega achiever, trailblazer, mentor, God-fearing entrepreneur, philanthropist with humility and a man after God’s heart, Chief Habeeb Okunola, the Akosin of Yorubaland.

The conferment of the national award to be performed by President Muhamnadu Buhari, holds tomorrow in Abuja.

However, the entire sons and daughters of Yorubaland are expressing their sincere congratulations to the conferment of a prestigious national award on you by the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Reounlic of Nigeria, Muhamnadu Buhari.

We count ourselves very lucky to have you at the helm. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to the continued success of your business empire.

You have earned this great distinction and I am confident that you will lead the Yorubaland and the country at large to an even higher standard of excellence in the future.

I am so proud to know you and even more proud of your accomplishments that has led you to this wonderful and exciting opportunity.

Congratulations sir, our amiable and God sent Akosin of Yorubaland on your awesome accomplishments: that is earning you the conferment of the country’s national award of MEMBER of the ORDER of NIGER ( MON)

Bode Durojaiye is the Director of Media and Publicity to the Alaafin of Oyo.

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