Aláàfin Throne
Bode Durojaiye

Concluding part

Why Alaafin stool cannot be desecrated (4)

By Bode Durojaiye.

Without equivocation, members of the Oyo Traditional Council, otherwise known as the Oyo Mesi are men of integrity and indeed redoubtable.characters.

They are sensible and sensitive to their responsibility and the need to toe the path of justice and fair play in the choice of a new Paramount Ruler for the people.

Unfortunately, there are some spent forces within whose stocks in trade is to feather their nests undesirably through distortions, rumour peddling, fabrications , confusion, tension and unnecessary panic in the town over the vacant stool.

They clandestinely engage the services of some bloggers to cause commotion by defecating the social media space with tissue of lies on the candidate of their choice, regardless of credibility and acceptance to the people in the town.

These undesirable elements also cause discordant tunes among members of the Oyo Mesi , thus creating the impression before the world, through the media, that the Oyo Mesi members are in disarray over who becomes the next Alaafin. Far from it.

The distinguished wise men and nembers of the Oyo Mesi are surely on course in the discharge of their responsibility diligently and conscientiously.

However, the time is now, to speak out against those ( enemies of progress) who seek to devalue our culture and traditions from within.

The Alaafin stool is a revered one.
Many people are psychologically and emotionally immature these days.

We do not want kings who use bloggers to advertise themselves on Instagram and YouTube.

Being a king and sitting down all day, sequestered in a town for a long time, is not a job for video game playing guys.

It is a serious job that requires from whoever will occupy the stool an intimidating profile, age not below 50 years, sound in body and mind, not a fraudulent person , but distinctly redoubtable with wider connections.

We must make our voices heard on the selection of the new Alaafin. This will corroborate the delicate job of the Oyo Mesi members in choosing aright, a new king, for the people.

If we botch this, we may never recover. We should let those who want heir undesirable desire overcome the desirable choice know that they should not toy with the Alaafin stool.

We should warn those who seek to transplant or destroy the Yoruba culture by installing less than stellar character not go near this one.

Those who are desperate to sell the throne to the highest bidder should please respect themselves.

They should desist now! The people don’t want a king who can steal the crack of dawn from God. We have had enough!.

Let us pray for, and support the Oyo Mesi members in their onerous commitment towards ensuring a rightful choice of candidate that will command respect, admiration and honour not only from the people of Oyo town and its environs, Yorubaland, the country, but the world at large .


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