Oba Lamidi Adeyemi : Remembering an astute ruler (2)

“He was indeed a Problem Solver and always found solutions or (at least) suggested alternatives to every problem”

By Bode Durojaiye.

For a Ruler to be on the throne of his forefathers for fifty two years is not a joke.

What then are the characteristics that make a successful Ruler?

Leadership sets the standards and culture for ethical behaviour.

A Leader or Ruler is there to serve:
Leadership or Rulership is about creating a vision that inspires those who work for and around the Ruler to participate actively in key goals, objectives and the overall mission.

The late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba ( Dr.) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111, was one of those tfew Taditional Rulers in the country that have an astute clarity of expression, and communicating thoughts that are entirely synchronized with the messages delivered and received.

He was a Monarch with the ability to communicate effectively at every level in his domain, and ability to listen and debate, rather than simply ‘delivering’ ideas.

The Paramount Ruler prepared to engage in debate around ideas and really listened to every suggestion.

His ability to create and maintain trust and respect among his people quickly and effectively is superb, as the late Alaafin was able to spot key problems and empower competent manpower to iron out any issues.

Oba Adeyemi was a Royal Icon who had confidence to delegate work to his aides and community leaders and step back .

He was of the conviction that leaders or rulers are there to empower others to become leaders or ruders.

Little wonder the large number of Baales that the Alaafin had upgraded either through recommendations to the Government for the wearing of beaded crowns as Obas in Yorubaland..

Alaafin also believed that “administration is not the same as leadership: As your Rulership grows, your necessity for managing greatly decreases as people become self-driven towards the vision”.

However, many rulership positions often require administrative skills but which are seriously lacking. Just as many Traditional Rulers must learn to perform as both rulers (visionary) and with the ability to define strategy and drive execution like the IKu Baba Yeye.

This requires a great versatility that allows the the late Alaafin to set clear goals, objectives and targets, and communicate these in an effective way.

According to Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, “be a King and not a micro-manager: Give your people room to breathe while monitoring their performance from behind the scenes. Encourage your subjects to hold one another accountable against their plans and focus on achieving collective results”.

Another unique attribute of late Royal Cicero’s astute rulership was the ability to inspire his people and to bring the best out in them , recognize where further training and education can be used to develop their skills . It is about providing the empowerment necessary to guarantee people can succeed

What is more, Alaafin was orward thinking. Beyond adapting to external changes, he enacted his own.

He was able to see current and future trends, apply them to his administration and stay ahead of the competition.

Particularly in today’s climate, late Oba Adeyemi was able to withstand lows and still motivate his people. This requires a commitment to positivity even in times of extreme hardships, as Alaafin encourages his staffers to think and act positively in their work.

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi was positive. When things are not going well, he communicated the truth. Subsequently, he provides the vision and encouragement to bring the administration forward.

He was indeed a Problem Solver and always found solutions or (at least) suggested alternatives to every problem.

The late Alaafin vwas focused and kept his staffers on the right track on goals and strategies.

He was a Monarch full of confidence without arrogance, just as he leads by example, not just by words.


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