When not mix mediocrity with meritocracy

By Bode Durojaiye, the Director of Media and Publicity to the Alaafin of Oyo.

Some people might be thinking why the serial write ups on comparison between Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Governor Oluwaseyi Makinde. And whether or not I am in the best position to do the write up or is mere cosmetic for self aggrandisement

Yes, they are right in their thinkings, hence their inquisitions to know how did I come to know the traits of the two great politicians so intimately.

To star with, I am a Journalist with over 28 years of experience. I had worked in different media, both print and electronic as a correspondent and an undercover reporter and Editor in the South western part of the country.

The media included The defunct Kaduna based Democrat newspaper, the defunct Abuja based influential newspaper, TODAY, Radio Nigeria , Ibadan, The Nigerian Television Authority, Oyo station, and the Lagos based NATION newspaper .

During these periods as a working Journalist , I had been closely monitoring eight eminent personalities in Yorubaland based on their pedigree and the antecedents.

The personalities are Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, late Alhaji Lamidi Adesina, late Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu, Engineer Oluwaseyi Makinde , Engineer Funsho Williams , Prof. Femi Igbakajobi, Pa Otedola and the veteran Journalist , late Alhaji Lateef Jakande.

The deadly activities of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu dated back to NADECO struggle during the maxim administration of late General Sani Abacha was indeed adventurous and could be likened to the biblical Daniel.

Tinubu” relentless struggle for good governance in the country further arose my inquisition to move closer and study this Pathfinder as an undercover reporter with a Northern newspaper.

Though, I was born in Lagos at Breadfruit area in Lagos Island , and had my Primary School at the Olowogbowo Methodist School, I hate to live in the State.

Why? It is because of the hustle and bustle of life in the State of Excellence.

But , had to relocate to Lagos , rented a self contained apartment at Yaba area in the Lagos Mainland where I stayed, in order to move closer and understudy the man called Jagaban.

For Governor Oluwaseyi Makinde , his penchant and resilience for the downtrodden , especially brilliant but indigent pupils , orphans a d the aged are behold to watch.

Omi Titun is, and not was because it is functioning, the initiative of Engineer Oluwaseyi Makinde before he ever though of vying for number one seat in the pace setter State .

I closed in so much on this gentleman with the milk if human kindness in him that I was drenched in a torrential rainfall while returning home after an uninvited coverage of presentation of gifts to the needy by Engineer Makinde in Ibadan.

Besides , I was at some fora in Ibadan, Oyo, Ogbomoso and Ibarapa areas. where Engineer Makinde was addressing cross section of people on the Oyo State of his dream.

I attended all these events disguising as a staunch member from Oyo town and not an undercover reporter , otherwise I would have run into troubles then.

What is more, I have also read a lot both in the local and foreign journals about these two great men .

Consequently, the comparison serial write ups was not only empirical , by aimed at guiding the people aright and letting them know that Both Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Oluwaseyi Makinde are great assets to the country and are an embodiment of humanism .

It is only those who can read between the lines that can understand the message I am trying to reach out to the world .

I am neither a politician nor a card carrying member of any registered political party.

I am a trained Journalist and remain unapologetic for these and other write ups I have been posting , because I am if the conviction that it will serve useful purposes to the uninformed populace , especially as general elections are fast approaching.

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