Why I want to become the next Alaafin, by Prince Olaide Dahood Oladimeji, the City of Yonkers System Administrator (2)

By Bode Durojaiye.

Prince Olaide Dahood Oladimeji is forward- thinking.

As a visionary leader, he has compelling vision for the future and is always assessing progress toward that goal. He proactively identifies potential problems and conceive effective solutions before those problems develop.

Prince Oladimeji is plan oriented . In addition to maintaining a clear vision of the big picture, Oladimeji has strategic plans to achieve a particular result. From quarterly initiatives to annual size targets, he knows what steps he and his team need to take to reach their ultimate goals.

Prince Oladimeji’s effectiveness at communicating is superb. The aspirant to the Alaafin stool has a motivated team behind him to make his new vision for the ancient Oyo town and its environs a reality.

This, he understands requires the contestant to the seat to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, which will enable him to communicate his goals effectively, get everyone on the same page, and inspire them.

The City of Yonkers System Administrator in the United States of America is optimistic: and effective at thinking outside of the box or beyond the status quo, since he has a clear vision of the future and is willing to take calculated risks and experiment in order to achieve it.

Prince Oladimeji is known for inspiring his employees and investors in his estaishment . He often enjoys significant support from his employees and investors, since he spends time communicating his vision statement to the team and fostering a community of collaboration.

Prince Oladimeji’s employees will feel inspired to buy in to the common goal, and investors will feel confident supporting the company under his leadership vision.

However, he keeps in mind that his vision isn’t the only important part of his company, and that he should also be open-minded and take time to listen to his employees and investors to improve upon the goal, rather than steamroll others in favour of his vision.
What is more, Prince Olaide Dahood Oladimeji will always be a part of the process to put together departments, functions, and operations that help him reach the new vision.

He is intensely focused and enthusiastic

In the pursuit to improve performance and spur change, he is intensely focused. His eyes are set toward the goal, and Oladimeji will do all in his power to create a pathway to accomplishing it.

The City of Yonkers based Oyo Prince is self-control and self-discipline to effect position change and inspire those who report to him.

It is hard to follow a leader that does not exhibit the traits they want to see in others, and good visionary leaders like Prince Oladimeji understands this.

He displays enthusiasm for the vision. His passion and zeal reaches others and inspire them to feel the same.

In an Exclusive chat , Prince Olaide Dahood Oladimeji unfolds his vision and mission if he ascends the throne of his forefathers.

Prince Oladimeji said , ” if I am entrusted with the Royal mantle, I, with the help of the Oyo Mesi, the support of Agunliye’s family, the entire people of Oyo and Yorubaland in general, I intend to work hard in making sure Oyo becomes the most beautiful and enjoyable environment for everyone.

“Hence, we must look into:preserving and enhancing our core values and traditions, maintaining a safe, environment for lives and properties, upgrading old infrastructure such as roads, palace buildings, community centers and customary courts, promoting sense of inventions among younger generations , and inviting investors from across the world while creating a business friendly environment .

“Others are , supporting women entrepreneurship,
promoting the creation of a modern computer village backed with solar and wind power, aiding high level food production, as we as providing necessary supports for school age, senior citizens (old-aged elders), orphans, widowers and people with disabilities”.

All these, the Alaafin aspirant asserted, would require the will of the people. help from the government and cooperation of the Oyo Mesi and myself.

“Together, nothing is impossible to achieve; after all, we are the “pace setters”.


2 Replies to “Why I want to become the next Alaafin, by Prince Olaide Dahood Oladimeji, the City of Yonkers System Administrator (2)”

  1. That is the kinds of people we want to become our king,if we can listen to what he saids on his speeches,this man, prince Dahood olaide oladimeji,have something to eradicate and please oyo mesi and Governor of oyo state and entire peoples of oyo land,let this man ascend throne of his forefathers,this man should be an excemplary King among other kings in this Nigeria, because this man has exposed to the world,this exposure should be useful in our society especially yoruba lands,you know american citizens they don’t like someone to lie for them,in the whole world only american is supreme because they are believe on integrity, totally before black man to become a yonkers in america, that particular person should be honest ,loyal and trustful,my advice for oyo mesi and government and all entire people’s of oyo land is to choose this man to become new alaafin because this man is a right candidate among others,look at the profile of this man,and his speeches you will see that he is capable to rule oyo empire and yoruba lands,and this man we claim best king among others king in south west of Nigeria rather if this man asking for oyo entitlement,such as good roads, hospitals, customary courts,wealfers,and others amendments/renovation of amenities of oyo land, totally this man is egalitarian person,in God we trust you people’s of oyo lands don’t choose nigeria base to become new alaafin because Nigerian home base they have fermiliars with fraudulent,they will lobby from politicians after they ajack power,they can not have authority, because politicians put them there,they cannot stand on their feets, politicians should use them as equipment of politics,they cannot talk trueth once they them there,no freedom of speech for useless king later they will pack all the wealthy of the state to their pockets different accounts in bank,if you watch this man very well you we know the kinds of person he be,he came for screening just like that no securities follow him, with the situation of this country,prince olaide dahood oladimeji is not belong to all those criminals peoples that they have committed some crimes and all criminal candidates home base came with escorts use securities to protest them, because they have known themselves as a criminals,they just using escorts to clear road because of their bad attitudes, please and please am using God to beg all oyo mesi ,agunloye familles, governor of oyo and all people’s reside and all indigenous peoples of oyo to support and ascend prince Dahood Olaide Oladimeji to throne of his forefathers,once again God will be with oyo mesi and Governor and all people’s of oyo empire.i trust you people’s in oyo you we ascend Dahood Olaide Oladimeji to throne of his forefathers,i know that you know the reality without ideologies,so,in God we trust.

  2. You will be crown 👑 inshaa Allah Biqudratillah Tahala, Aaaaaaminn,
    Lagbara lowo ile Oyo e o gorii ite baba yin, awon Olorun yo bawa se ooo,

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