Stirring the hornest’s nest

By Bode Durojaiye

Imbeciles are never bored, but they contemplate themselves.

They are so daft to realise that wisdom gets half of its value from its being useful, and the other half from the being of at least one fool.

Imbeciles pretend to be wise, but they fail to realise that it is way more difficult than pretending not to be a fool.

As if their not being smart were not unfortunate enough, they think they are smart.

If you are calm , steady and focused , those with the least mental magnitudes who are subservient and dogmatic to their political paymaster will still push one beyond the limit of his tolerance.

Some political scavengers still wallowing in their orgies of enslavement, yesterday during the glorious visit of our JEWEL of INESTIMABLE VALUE , the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency Engineer Oluwaseyi Makinde to the ancient town of Oyo, asked me that ” what have I gained so far from Governor Makinde and Honourable Kamil Akinlabi , since I dumped the incumbent Member of the House of Representatives representing the Oyo Federal Constituency , Hon. Prince Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi?”.

These irritants thought I would be ashamed to respond, but they got more than they senselessly bargained for.

Their question was counter blasted.

I tutored them that a question is as capable as an answer of unintentionally revealing ignorance or stupidity.

I told them that they are suffering more often in imagination than in reality, and that their lives are full of terrible misfortunes, and that they will continue to perish for ignorance and lack of knowledge.

I went further, ” my decision to join both His Excellency and the next House of Representatives Member representing the Oyo Federal Constituency , Kamil Mudasiru Akinlabi is my unrepentant desire for a paradigm shift that will catapult the needed change which will remove the people from the claws of perpetual enslavement and subservience”.

They looked at me with astonishment.

I stated that I voluntarily joined the duo neither to exploit nor put my commitments on them, but rather to conscientiously and assiduously working for the realisation of that target , after which I will start to benefit.

Apparently expecting me to mention contributions of both the Governor and Hon. Kamil when one of my children was admitted for about three weeks and undergone surgery at the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital , Ogbomoso, I retorted thus, ” I am neither a scavenger nor political jobber, but a trained professional Journalist. Do I need to make noise about it? I thank God Almighty that my son is Hale and hearty”.

I added further, ” but what is your business if the Governor or Hon. Kamil Akinlabi assisted me or not? Why the pokenosing? Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

” According to Mahatma Gandhi, if you want a better world you have to create one, because if you just sit around waiting for a better world, it will never come. Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.

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