Prince Sulaimon Ajibola Afonja “BABA IDS”

Ajisebi Oyo Radio grieves the loss of Prince Sulaimon Ajibola Afonja, a distinguished elder and dedicated advocate for Oyo Alaafin’s development. His departure creates a significant void in our community, and his presence will be sorely missed.

Prince Afonja’s life exemplified devoted service and a steadfast commitment to advancing Oyo. He established IDS, a hub of innovation in Oyo Alaafin, and held notable positions such as Minister of Labour in Ernest Shonekan’s government and Chairman of the Board of Directors at First Bank plc.

His relentless efforts and philanthropic endeavors inspired many, showcasing his resourcefulness and deep love for Oyo. Prince Afonja’s legacy will continue to inspire us and guide our community toward a prosperous future.

We pray the Almighty grants him eternal rest and that his family finds comfort in knowing his impact will endure in our hearts. Though Oyo Alaafin mourns his loss, his memory will persist as a beacon, encouraging us to carry on his honorable work.

Goodbye, Prince Sulaimon Ajibola Afonja. Your lasting contributions to Oyo will always be remembered.

Adéyínká Ọlásúnkànmí Kásámasedáadáa, CSSAN 
Founder, Ajisebi Oyo Radio

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