Revd. Dr. Kolade Oladele

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The Oyo Kingdom, a historic empire in what is now modern-day Nigeria, has faced suppression and marginalization by political forces in Nigeria. This suppressive marginalization has occurred in several ways and it is high time we right the wrongs.

1. Colonial era : During British colonial rule, the Oyo Kingdom was dismantled and its powers were diminished. The British imposed their own system of governance, which eroded the traditional authority of the Oyo monarch.

2. Post-independence : After Nigeria gained independence in 1960, the government continued to marginalize the Oyo Kingdom. The monarch was stripped of his powers and reduced to a ceremonial figurehead.

3. Political restructuring : In 1967, the Nigerian government divided the country into states, which further eroded the Oyo Kingdom’s autonomy. Oyo state was created, but the monarch’s powers were not restored. Alaafin must remain the grand patron of all Yoruba Obas.

4. Resource control : The Nigerian government has controlled the resources of the Oyo Kingdom, including land and mineral resources, reducing the kingdom’s economic power and influence. Efforts should be made by the government to reinvent carvings, crafts and other traditional industries peculiar to Oyo people. Agricultural processing factories should be established in Oyo to add values to the raw agricultural products of the farmers in the land.

5. Cultural suppression : The Nigerian government has also suppressed the cultural heritage of the Oyo Kingdom, promoting a dominant Nigerian identity over the unique cultural practices and traditions of the Oyo people. Oyo is the national center of cultural tourism in Nigeria. The Aafin (palace) of Oyo Kingdom must be given a true royal face that will be in perfect alignment with its historical antecedent.

6. Political exclusion : The Oyo Kingdom has been excluded from political power and decision-making at the national level, with few representatives in government and no significant political influence. Oyo Town deserve more local government and better political representations. All Oyo chiefs and Baales that are relegated must be upgraded according to their historical positions. It’s a national disgrace that any Oyomesi will be second class chief. Alaafin of Oyo must remain grand patron of all Yoruba Obas.

7. Economic marginalization : The Oyo Kingdom has been marginalized economically, with little investment in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, perpetuating poverty and underdevelopment. I want to specially appeal to the Oyo State government and the federal government of Nigeria to give special attention to the socio, economic and political restoration and accelerated development of Oyo Kingdom given the unique historical heritage of Oyo land.

These forms of suppression have contributed to the erosion of the Oyo Kingdom’s autonomy, cultural identity, and economic power, relegating it to a marginalized position within Nigeria’s political landscape. Oyo sons and daughters from all over the world must rise up to right these wrongs by massive investment in Oyo land and by fighting for socio economic and political inclusion of Oyo. Well meaning, true Yoruba sons and daughters wielding political powers must rise up to rightly reposition Oyo politically and economically. Oyo Town must be the true pride of all Yoruba descendants.

Revd. Dr. Kolade Oladele

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